The CCSS Skatepark Committee is assisting the Village of Cumberland to deliver a 7000 ft2 skatepark, while engaging the community in all aspects of the project. The skatepark will be located in Cumberland’s Village Park, occupying the space currently used by the basketball court and one of the tennis courts.  A new basketball area will replace the existing one as per the village park master plan.


Community relationships are the backbone of this project. These relationships will include those with the Cumberland Community Schools Society (CCSS), Cumberland’s youth, the wider community as a whole, and the Village of Cumberland. The Skatepark Committee is now a sub-committee of the CCSS and will work closely with the Village of Cumberland to ensure this project becomes a long-term, sustainable local recreational asset for the community.  Specifically the committee will provide grant writing assistance and community engagement.

Cumberland’s Youth is currently represented on this committee, and has also been engaged through multiple information sessions at the Junior High School as well as at an initial feedback session with over 30 youth in attendance. Youth members have volunteered at the Empire Days Skatepark fundraiser, and additionally will be the instrumental in the design of a custom skatepark.

The greater community has been exceptionally responsive to the project. The CCSS Skatepark Committee has acquired a substantial list of community members, and 100 people came out to show their support for the project and be photographed for a specific grant application.